Lighthouse Preschool
A Ministry of Modesto Covenant Church  

Welcome to Lighthouse Preschool

The Lighthouse Preschool of Modesto Covenant Church provides a warm, relaxed, and supportive atmosphere which fosters the training of the whole child: mentally, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually. Within this atmosphere of Christian love and nurture, educators strive to help children develop problem solving skills, independence, and a positive self-image. We believe that by learning responsibility for self and others, children will acquire a strong sense of well-being, which is foundational to a healthy transition into the higher levels of learning.

The Lighthouse environment provides children with the opportunity to strengthen, through play, their verbal and physical skills. Play is seen as the primary mode of self-expression for children, through which their unique understanding of the surrounding world is conveyed. We select activities that are developmentally sound and appropriate for individual growth and self-expression. The process through which a child learns, whether in group time, art, manipulative or motor activities, is emphasized rather than the product. Educational tools are available to encourage interest in number, shape, color, and letter recognition. Children are given the opportunity to make choices through which they learn that their feelings, thoughts, and emotions are worthwhile. They also learn the consequences of their choices and gain competence in decision making, which leads to success and motivation in future learning.

We present an understanding of God as a loving Creator and Friend who personally cares about each child. Godly values are taught through the use of selected songs and Bible stores. The Staff desires to provide an atmosphere wherein each child can experience the qualities of our Heavenly Father's great love, through our actions and example. We feel that such an understanding is fundamental to the development of the whole child.

We are delighted that you and your child are interested in being part of our Lighthouse family. We encourage your involvement in our conferences, observation, and other activities planned for you throughout the school year.